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Last Weeks of Summer


I know you are loath to go

And I am sad to say farewell,

Let us enjoy our last few weeks

Of sunshine days and balmy nights,

Mozzies with their itching bites,

Coolest clothing every day,

To move unhindered along our way.

Too soon, I feel a bite of ice

In the early morning air,

So pleasant now but, as time

Moves on, ‘twill change

Its nature from a nip to a gnash

Of its icy teeth to send us shivering,

Longing for the warmth so lately gone,

And we must wait through the long,

Cold months until you come again.


©Denise G Allen, 19 February 2014 15:20


The Invalid

The Invalid

A clear blue sky
Wisped with small white clouds above the ocean.
The sunlight warmed her body
Yet, with the softest breeze straight off the snow,
A reminder of the season.

She shivered then,
Drew her wrap closer around her thin shoulders
And turned her face upwards
Towards the warmth of the sun, closing her eyes
Against its harsh brightness.