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Secret Place

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Secret Place


There is a place within the heart of me,

A secret space that is a part of me,

In my core, where my spirit lives

Waiting patiently for Your sweet waters

To wash over me, so that I may become

Merged with a part of You.


©Denise G Allen, 14 November 2015 07:14



Limpopo Area


I want to go

To Limpopo

Where the waters flow

And the forests grow;

Land of secrets and legends,

Relics and treasures,

Where wildlife abounds

In protected surrounds

With hopeful immunity

From hunters with impunity;

Home of Modjadji

Mythical Queen of the Rain,

The history and mystery

Of the kingdom and ruins

Of Mapungubwe;

So much to do,

So much to see

In this wild country


Baobab Tree and Giraffes


©DGA 28 October 2011 06:50

Note: Rudyard Kipling – The Elephant’s Child: