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Setting Sail


I’m setting sail for nowhere

Just blowing on the wind

With my eyes on the horizon

I wonder what I’ll find


I’m setting sail for nowhere

And relying on the wind

Unlike the Ancient Mariner*

To prove to be my friend


I’m setting sail for nowhere

I hope I reach my goal

And when I do make landfall

I’ll find the place called Home


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*Ancient Mariner, poem by the English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge

©DGA 01 December 2011 07:10


Secrets of the Wind


The wind touches her hair,

Gently warms the air,

Whispers in her ear,

Secrets for no one to hear.


She listens to the secrets

Told her by the spirits

About sunrise and sunsets

About castles and turrets.


Magical worlds of fantasy,

Mystical scenes of make-believe,

Are they fact or fallacy,

Why then so hard to conceive.


Sitting silently watching the sea,

Letting her thoughts roam free,

She is brought back to reality

By the mischievous playful breeze.


©DGA 10 November 2011 04:09




From the gentlest breeze,
Tickling the flower petals
And the long grass seeds,
To a full blown hurricane,
Venting its anger in a destructive path,
A swathe of devastation from whence it came
Until, at last,
Energy spent,
Tame as a lion,
Lolling in the shade,

©DGA 13 August 2011 09:38



Drifter_jellyfish Pictures, Images and Photos


drifting with the wind
across the desert floor

drifting with the current
to the ocean shore

drifting in the air
uncertain where to go

is like drifting through life
to end up in skid row

A skid row or skid road is a run-down or dilapidated urban area with a large, impoverished population. The term originally referred literally to a path along which workingmen skidded logs.

Image: unisomdreams –
©DGA 09.04.2011 13:09


Eagles Hatching on Live Video Stream


Eagles Hatching on Live Video Stream

High above the ground
Feathers ruffled, nest shaking
In the wind
The eagle sat hatching her eggs
Chirps and tweets could be heard
Emanating from beneath her
The wind increased
The rain spattered her feathers
As dawn slowly lightened the sky
She sat hunched over
Her wing feathers puffed out
To afford more protection
From the weather
Suddenly a flash of black and white
Swirled around from left to right
And the male eagle landed
He bent over his mate
And fed her a titbit from his beak
Then, as she shuffled over to the side
He replaced her on the nest
Great excitement on my part
As they moved I had the tiniest glimpse
Of two snow white chicks and an unhatched egg

©DGA 04.04.2011 21.35


Nature’s Artists

The Wild Coast

Sidey’s Weekend Theme – 29.10.2010: The Natural Order

Nature’s Artists

Translucent waves break far out to sea

And roll towards the shore

While the wind erodes the cliffs

And the river carves out its floor.

Time marches on inexorably.

The darkness of night

Replaces the bright daylight

As the sun gives way to the moon

And the seasons pass us one by one.

These are the natural order of things,

The laws that nature dictates,

Which are not open for debate.

Image: Author
©DGA 29.10.2010