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Post No. 891




To those who fly on gossamer wings,

To those whose hearts continue to sing

Despite their tears,

Despite their fears,

Despite their lonely path through dark,

They will one day be able

To soar higher than an eagle,

With stronger eyes and matching wings

When they are become as hatchlings

In the Kingdom of Heaven


®Denise G Allen, 29 October 2015 12:23


That Flying Feeling

Post No. 857


That Flying Feeling


About a thousand years ago

as a child running wild,

we used to ride our bikes

for miles and miles

through the countryside

and down to the ocean wide!

What freedom was this

that today’s children all miss,

no such thing as congestion

of traffic or lungs

(not to mention crime where now

life is worth less than a dime),

we would trudge up hill

and soar down dale

for all the world like an eagle on wings

swooping low and sweeping high

shouting for the wind to carry

our voices up to God in the sky,

oh to feel again the joy we felt,

the immensity of our world and

the freedom to have fun in the sun!


©Denise G Allen, 16 August 2015 18:04



Post No. 848




Father raise me up,

Set me down on eagle’s wings

To soar on streams of air

High above the clouds,

Above the mountain peaks,

That I may see your glory

All laid out before me,

Witness to your majesty.

The rising of the sun

Lights the beauty of creation,

Designer of a universe

Too wonderful for words.


©Denise G Allen, 01 August 2015 07:20


Wings of the Wind


My soul sings

With the song of the wind,

Harmonising, synchronising…

Blow high, blow low

As around the world we go

Carried as the air’s

Sweet currents flow

From the mountains on high

To the valleys below

Lift me up, lift me up…

Let my spirit soar

On the wings of the wind.


©Denise G Allen, 19 October 2013 13:56


Waiting in the Wings


He is here

Waiting in the wings

Every eye shall see Him

And every ear shall hear

The glorious music of His coming

When the veil is peeled

And He is revealed

To the eyes of mortal man

He will descend

On the wings of a dove

Clothed in raiment of purest love

And at last we can

Prostrate ourselves before Him

In utter adoration

At the total liberation of our souls



©DGA 30 June 2012 07:40

I believe that the following is the correct manner in which to claim one’s copyright.  Better safe than sorry…

© Denise G Allen 30 June 2012 07:40



Wings of the Wind


On the wings of the wind

I fly through the sky

and the wings of the wind

raise me up to the high-

est point of the blue

so I’m nearer to You.


I’m removed from the cares

and my earthly fears

when I float in the rare

ambience of the air

while my dream is refined

on the wings of the wind.


©DGA 26 December 2011 13:34


Wishing the Time Away

Wishing the Time Away

I never thought I would deteriorate
To living from meal to meal,
Growing to reflect just what I ate
By just wishing the time away.

Wednesday will see me back on my legs
And using the muscles that slept,
Standing again on my own two feet
And taking some tentative steps.

Recovery is on my horizon at last,
Exercise will fill my day,
Time will grow wings and take to the sky
No more wishing the time away…

©DGA 31 July 2011 10:42