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Passing Ghosts


“…just someone i used to know

when we were young…

he wouldn’t remember me…”

~ or would he?

anyhow, we’re different people now

lots of water under the bridge

lots of highs and lows (tides too)

we treated each other bad

you know, young and care-less

too shallow were we

rushing from one date to the next

looking for Mr Right

then settling for Mr Wrong

played Happy Families for a while

dad taking snapshots ~ smile ~

then off hunting for his lost youth

in short skirts…


©Denise G Allen, 21 June 2013 14:37


Mothers’ Love

Mothers’ Love

The plaintive cry of a baby,
Helpless after birth.
The mewling of a newborn pup
Struggling to stand.

The protection of the mothers
Caring for their young,
Defending them from harm
As best they can.

They would give their lives to save
Their brood from certain death,
But will the young survive
And will they thrive?