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Life, Death and Honeymoons


Thirteen days to go

But already tiny leaves appear

Barely visible to our naked eye

Stating ‘Spring is almost here’.

Life springs from dead stalks,

Only one of His miracles each year,

But some of us are blinded

By false ideas of wealth

And life counts for naught

Compared to untold things on earth.


©Denise G Allen, 18 August 2014 08:32


Missing in the Mall


standing stationary, silently

feet still, yet moving

escalating panic

surrounded by

a forest of legs

but whose to choose

stretch up on tippy toes

unfamiliar shapes

surfeit of sizes

his scream lit up the hall



©Denise G Allen, 16 August 2014 08:07




The whole world is at war
the cost too high to-tally
time is everything and nothing
our future so unsure
as petty thieves make hay
even in the pouring rain

We rise today but what of tomorrow
random names on bullets
not to mention hit lists
deflection changes direction
and the pathway is clear
for everyone to fear

Senseless shooting for a phone
(is it worth a living being)
so much crime that cops can’t see
the forest for the single trees
when it threatens all generations
death can cause such devastation


©Denise G Allen, 30 July 2014 09:34


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