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Suicide of Civilisation

Post No.959

17 December 2016

Suicide of Civilisation


I wander up hill and down dale

Looking for the street called Straight,

Passing though bogs and sawn down logs –

Signs of progress while nations regress –

Where bare sand erodes in the wind

And deserts overtake the forests;

Cities and towns mushroom at every turn,

Concrete jungles whose heat smothers

The very air we breathe, the air we need,

Until mankind turns on itself

Playing the blame game to the death.


Copyright: Denise Allen 17.12.2016 20:58




Head vs Heart

Post 958

30 November 2016


Head vs Heart 


I was the only one

The lonely one 

Living inside my head 

Eyes wide shut 

Blinded by tears 

And nameless fears 

Then I found you in my heart 

And knew I was not alone

You brighten my shadows

And lighten my pain 

You keep me going 

Again and again

My faithful Father

For ever 


Copyright Denise Allen 30.11.2016  08:30


The Watchers

Post No.957

27 November 2016


The Watchers


There are eyes in the sky 

As the birds fly

Up and down,  back and forth,

To and fro, 

Many voices calling,

Singing, squawking, 


What a fuss

Watching us

Watching them

Causing mayhem!


Copyright Denise Allen 27.11.2016 11:10


The Veil

Post No.956

25 November 2016

The Veil

Old eyes seeing new

Brighter colours in my view

Now the veil is drawn aside 

And my eyes are open wide 

I see in sunlight and in shade

All the beauty God has made.


Copyright: Denise Allen 25.11.2016 14:00


The Cat

Post No.955

13 November 2016


The Cat



Golden orbs shine in the dark,

Unblinking, slinking close to the ground,

Aware of the slightest sound,

A distant howl,yowl,growl

Will cause me to pause.


Stalking is my way of walking,

Head held high,

Nose in the air – hoity-toity –

Who do you think you are?

No, I don’t want a pat –

Can’t you see I’m a cat?

Independence is my name,

Your attention is my game;

I will suffer, but only when I’m in the mood

And also only if you’re very, very good.


Copyright: Denise Allen 13.11.2016 10:00



Post No.954

12 November 2016



Love lost and found 

Hope beckons this time round,

A shining light in the darkest night,

As a cloud vaporises into wisps of white 

And delicate strands holding hands

Reach down to where we stand.


Copyright: Denise Allen 12.11.2016 07:00



Post No.952

10 November 2016




You are 

The air that I breathe,

The life that I live,

The sun and the rain,

The joy and the pain;

You are

The moon and the stars that shine,

The seasons that intertwine 

Reflecting Your glory,

Connecting Your majesty 

Throughout this immensity.


Copyright: Denise Allen 10.11.2016 11:00


The President

Post No. 951

29 October 2016

The President 


We have a president

The likes of which there’s been no precedent, 

His gamesmanship appears unequalled

As he has fun, fun, fun at our expense, 

Winning right across the board, 

Avoiding recompense for never-ending scandals,

Nefarious wheelings and dealings,

The nation’s embarrassment on his behalf,

But – no matter –

Who has the power to unseat this ‘king’

(Who makes use of the royal ‘we’)?

We, the people, have the power to make him cower

As we uncover the extent of his trickery,

Unmask and turn this slippery man into history!


Copyright: Denise Allen 29.10.2016 09:15

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Post No.950

28 October 2016



Lightning flickers between cloud layers,

Electricity crackles a soft warning,

‘This will get worse before morning.’

The night sky is alive

While a maelstrom of humanity scurries beneath –

And then –

With a Velcro RRRRRip the sky opens up

And great swathes of water gush down.

Thank you, God, for the rain we pray. 

Thank you, God.


Copyright: Denise Allen 28.10.2016 08:30