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Sidey’s Weekend Theme: Folly

Global Warming Pictures, Images and Photos

global warming Pictures, Images and Photos


Unless we all individually
Do our bit
And take adequate action
It will be too late.
Do we want to be known
As the generation
Responsible for the conflagration?
Will this eventually be
Classed as Mankind’s Folly?

Image: HardWay04_/
©DGA 20.06.2011 08:15


Author: adeeyoyo

I am a middle-aged South African woman, living in Johannesburg. I began writing poetry towards the end of May 2010. I love animals – sometimes more than people!

25 thoughts on “CLIMATE CRISIS

  1. Desperate times …


    • They are indeed, Cin. I watched the second half of An Inconvenient Truth yesterday. I saw it quite by accident on ‘e’ – no publicity whatsoever! 😦 It was excellent. My son was fortunate enough to attend Al Gore’s presentation when he was visiting the country. 😀


  2. Here in USA it is astonishing how many people refuse to accept the climate change evidence. Who can deny that man’s carbon footprint over the last 100 years has not altered the environment for the worse and that the ice is melting?


  3. It;s up to us to make a change to save our planet. Or it will be our folly.


  4. You’re so right, Maire. 🙂


  5. amen…if nothing else with the crazy weather of the last couple years we can see our world is changing…the question remains, what is our response…


    • I’m not sure about other countries, but here there is very little response if any. They are talking about half a dozen more coal and another nuclear power station. 😦


  6. We also need to NAG our politicians to focus on GREEN not GREED . . . by putting PLANET before PROFIT.

    Thanks, Denise!


  7. Hallo, Denise.
    I thought I would look you up!
    I like the hidden verse in your poem. Very subtle.
    I have been unable to decide whether we are a major factor in climate change,
    or whether climate change is just a part of a cycle which is much bigger than we are.
    After all, we came from an ice age to here.


    • I know just what you mean, John. Back when they were on about CFCs from refrigerators and aerosol sprays I remember reading that the amount of CFCs released into the atmosphere by man was a drop in the ocean compared to those released by natural phenomena such as volcanoes. I think that was indeed the case regarding the hole in the ozone and no doubt other things are the result of a natural cycle.

      Nevertheless, global warming and the way in which we are destroying the rain forests, the sea being used as a dumping site, etc, etc. are things that we can and must take steps to halt. I’m afraid I am not as clued up as I should be but I intend to read more.

      Thanks for the visit to my blog. I appreciate it.. 😉


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  9. Oh give it a rest. This whole manmade climate change scam is an exercise in seeing how absurd a lie you can get people to believe.


    • Please read my reply to johnnell74, above. If this is a hoax, kindly explain the photo’s of the rubbish dumps in the sea and the enormous areas where the rain forests have been cleared. We are all entitled to our own opinion and perhaps some things have been exaggerated, but not everything is untrue. We can’t go on decimating earth’s resources ad infinitum.


  10. The trouble is that when it comes to the crunch, people like their present lifestyles – or think they do – and simply make noises about climate change without real commitment.


  11. Great poem and post Denise. Climate change induced by man is not an opinion but a scientifically backed theory with very strong evidence and 100% of climate scientists are in agreement on the issue. There are some debates on the size of the impacts but the fundamental argument that we are causing a rise in temperature has been resolved and we are moving on now to the ‘how to’. Throughout history temperatures have changed significantly, but we are accelerating the changes and will suffer the consequences. If someone has an argument against the theory that climate change is caused by humans they need to submit their research to a peer reviewed scientific journal, as all good scientists do.


  12. ‘Things You Can Do Now’ – useful, practical advice that’s easy to implement – I’m reading a very interesting essay on the climate-change debate at the moment – it still boggles the mind that there are so many in denial


  13. Oh, I’m late, I’m late, and such an important message too…lovely combination of pictures and words, Adee…


  14. The photo of the polar bear on the vanishing iceberg always upsets me but it’s something we have to face, you know? That the debate about our role in climate change is still going on just floors me. By the time everyone comes to a consensus of opinion it will almost be too late. I feel like crying when I think about it and ashamed that future generations will be forced to live in such a stark world with the loss of so much biodiversity and resources. It’s unforgivable. It truly is Mankind’s Folly.


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