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The Storm

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The Storm

Clouds massed on the horizon,
Barely visible to the eye,
And suddenly the wind
Arrived out of nowhere,
Howling, lashing the trees,
Branches whipped the air,
Curtains blew, doors banged,
Then it was gone as fast as it came.

The clouds sucked the light
From the midday sun;
Stillness, darkness, quiet.
Suddenly lightning ripped
The dark sky apart
Like a Ming vase broken
Into countless little pieces
On a black tiled floor.

When the thunder crashed
The building vibrated
As compressed air shook
And the whole world waited
For the next act in the show.
Another lightning fork
Split the sky asunder
Chased by the snarl of thunder.

He sat in his room
Listening to the storm.
The staccato cr-a-a-ack
Of the lightening tearing the sky,
Random flashes
And thunder crashes
For a moment took him back
To his time in Iraq.


©DGA 17.10.2010