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The Puzzle of Life

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The Puzzle of Life


Life is a convoluted puzzle

Way beyond our comprehension,

Links within links,

Clues within clues,

Seemingly straightforward

But curved just out of sight

So that the pieces never fit

And nothing is what it seems,

Or the pattern repeats

‘til we think we know where it leads

And the ground falls away

Beneath our feet.


©DGA 21.11.2010 06:47


(Not so) Famous Last Words

Sidey’s weekend challenge: 12.11.2010 – Famous Last Words

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(Not so) Famous Last Words


Sitting relaxed in the lounge

Reading the Sunday papers

My father called out,

“Shush, not so much noise,”

To his second wife,

Working in the garden.

To which she replied,

“I suppose if I stop breathing,

It will still be too much noise for you.”

Hearing a crash, he looked up

And there she was,

Lying flat on her back,

Dead from a brain haemorrhage

A passing doctor confirmed.


©DGA 12.11.2010 09:40


An Apology to Mother Earth

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An Apology to Mother Earth


We have failed you,

Mother Earth,

And continue on

This path of destruction

Despite warnings

And calamities.

Blindly, we refuse to change,

Thinking we have

All the time in the world

To make sacrifices for you.

We have emptied your coffers,

Dried up your waters,

Desiccated your forests.

We think we are gods

Who will live forever

After you are dead.


©DGA 10.11.2010 17:47


Surfing in Outer Space

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Surfing in Outer Space


In my dreams at night

I take a great delight

Surfing in outer space.

No boundaries are there

As far as I’m aware

And I’m totally alone

In a black invisible sea.

Manoeuvring my spaceboard

I use my strength of mind

To leave my mass behind.

Left or right, up or down,

Planets, suns and moons,

Whole galaxies go by,

Swooping down a wormhole

And out the other side,

No energy expended,

No barriers extended,

Free, free to be me.


©DGA 08.11.2010 01:38


Who ARE You?

Who ARE You?

the pain
indescribably deep
open, honest
kind and considerate
mean spirited
selfish and devious

my eyes were opened
to the stranger within
when circumstances
challenged and changed
someone I thought I knew
distress and regret
pain I will never forget
do we all have a secret self
hidden from the outside world


©DGA 06.11.2010 11:32


Bad Boys

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Bad Boys


Bad boys drew me

Like a moth to a flame,

Chatter and banter

The name of the game.

Exciting, enticing,

Teasing and joking,

Vying for attention,

Heart throbs aplenty,

Too many to mention.

But on the other side

Of the great divide

The good boys,

Mother’s choice,

Far from being dull,

Were the devious,

Hazardous, perilous,



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©DGA 03.11.2010 05:00



Sidey’s Weekend Challenge: 05.11.2010 – Innocence

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Toilet training
Two innocent pups
Taking them outside
On to the grass
Using the word
Decided upon
Pee, wee, widdle or piddle
They smelled the grass
And smelled the flowers
They smelled the soil
And chased each other
Across the lawn
Round and round
Up and down
Eventually giving up
I went indoors
To the toilet myself
Sat on the seat
And glanced up to see
Two little angels
Squatting on the toilet floor
And looking up at me
With big grins and innocent eyes
Waiting for praise
Parents take heed
Your children will do as you do
And not as you say!

I don’t know whether anyone else has had this experience, but I found it so comical and so frustrating. There they were, trying their utmost to please me. But they wouldn’t go to the toilet outside – only when I went and WHERE I went.

©DGA 05.11.2010 11:22