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I borrowed Cindy’s Quiz

Soundtrack in your car?
Doesn’t work any more
Have you ever lived alone?
What is the length of your longest relationship?
Twenty-two years
What do you do for a living?
Not working at the moment – hope to be back again in Feb 2011…
Are you a good speller?
I think so, but I do occasionally check a word
Do you get up to pee in the middle of the night?
Yes, at 12.30am, always
How long is your lunch break?
I can eat any time, lol!
What was your last dirty thought?
I must pick up the dog pooh first thing…
Do your parents have a will?
My father did, but my mother didn’t (they were divorced)
Are you close with your sibling(s)?
Mostly – closer with some than others
Do you think you have to be initially sexually attracted to a person to fall in love?
Yes – at least a bit…
Do you have more same sex friends or opposite?
60 : 40
If you could retire (not quit) today, would you? Why or why not?
I am already semi-retired, but I enjoy working a couple of days a week
Is your life at all what you thought it would be like when you were a kid?
Not a bit
Have you ever stood someone up? If yes, why?
No, not that I can recall
What’s the worst thing someone said to you?
My younger sister called me a racist once, because I didn’t agree with her.
Do you cry often?
Hardly ever – I think I’m all cried out (lol)
Are you having a good hair day?
My hair is usually self-maintaining
What is your favorite fruit?
Are you afraid to fly?
No, I love the feeling at lift-off, but I don’t like landing much
Do you own any guns?
Does a cap gun count?
Are you shy or outgoing?
Fairly shy
Do you put off doing things because you are afraid of what will happen?
No, I put off things I don’t really want to do
Do you long for someone you can’t have?
I used to
Do you spend more time naked or clothed?
Clothed, some of my windows don’t have curtains, lol!
What is your favourite board game?