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Easter †

Easter †

When our God of Love in heaven above
Sent His Son to earth to bring us word
That we could be forever with Him
Without sin
Few believed the truth
Others were uncouth –
Crowned him with thorns,
Spat on Him, taunted Him,
Sniggered and scorned Him,
While He suffered on the cross
And died for us
He rose again and went to heaven
Where he waits for us to join him
In His kingdom.

Jesus Comforts the Disciples
John 14:3
1Let not your heart be troubled: you believe in God, believe also in me. 2In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. 3And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you to myself; that where I am, there you may be also. 4And where I go you know, and the way you know.

©Denise G Allen, 26 March 2013 04:27


The Cutting Edge


The cutting edge,

Serrated, jagged, ragged,

Notched and pocked,

Can’t hurt as deep as

Tongues like swords

That pierce with words,

That lash like a *nine-tailed cat,

Wound right to the bone,

Gouge out the heart

And tear you apart.


©Denise G Allen, 24 March 2013 11:06


* Cat o’ nine tails – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia’_nine_tails
The cat o’ nine tails, commonly shortened to the cat, is a type of multi-tailed whip that originated as an implement for severe physical punishment…


Our Journey


A gruelling journey

Over mountain crags,

Steep cliffs, wide clefts,

Waters-falling, echoes calling,

In sun and rain, arduous terrain,

Boulders, rocks, and stones,

A TAXing, TIRing test

Demanding our very best

To culminate in sucCESS.

If it were easy, stress-free,

Our victory would be worth-less.


©Denise G Allen, 24 March 2013 07:11


The Edge of the World


Teetering on a tightrope
Hanging on a shelf
Grasp with frozen fingertips
While the moon hangs itself

Reality is become fiction
And fiction doesn’t exist
Solid ground falls away
Leaving space in its place

Heads spin on shoulders
Wi(l)de-eyed at far-off visions
Sense-less dreams of peace
On our bleeding earth


©Denise G Allen, 23 March 2013 03:54


Falling into Poetry


Falling into the arms of darkness,

Stilling my mind,

Distant dreams all but forgotten,

In the buSY-ness of life.

Taking a break,

Sharpening my brain,

Poetry underlies my every thought,

Inspires my every reflection, conception;

Creating in rhyme or rhythm

Feeds my very soul

And if it were forbidden

I would be far from whole.


©Denise G Allen, 19 March 2013 19:39


Whispering Waves


The tide is out, rocks exposed, unclothed;

White whispering waves catch the first rays of the sun

As they run back and forth on silken sands.

Pools, left behind between rock spaces,

Shine like mirrors’ smooth faces,

Tranquil, serene…

Softly murmuring swells draw errant curls

Like a magnet into the main mass

And the sun slowly climbs, birthing a new day

While the tide gently turns to wash our steps away

As if we’d never been…


©Denise G Allen, 18 March 2013 05:29