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Catfight at Sunrise



Fight or flight

Cornered with no escape

Make or break

Either way he’s done

With a YOWL and a grOWL

They leap into the attack

Never turning their back


Without a pause

Fur flies like large snowflakes

White, bright, like a pillow fight

Twirling, whirling feline dervishes

Rolling over and over

I had to intervene

Between protagonist and antagonist

The former strutted off

Tail in the air

While the latter slunk home

To lick his wounds

No real damage done


©Denise G Allen, 17 July 2013 13:50

Author: adeeyoyo

I am a middle-aged South African woman, living in Johannesburg. I began writing poetry towards the end of May 2010. I love animals – sometimes more than people! I am back after a break. Thanks for still being here, if you are! Missed you! xxx

25 thoughts on “Catfight at Sunrise

  1. Hehehe. Cats will be cats. 🙂


  2. So well written I could picture it in my mind… wonderful…


  3. glad no damage is done…mine always seems to get into it in the middle of the night…we need a better schedule…smiles.


    • Judging by the amount of fur flying around I thought it would be worse than it actually was. Mine, btw, had no marks at all. The other, well… suffice it to say I saw him later in the garden and he looked none the worse for wear.


  4. Catfights are always horrible to hear. Glad you intervened.


  5. They can make such a noise too! I have to close my windows at night because there is a rather large Tom cat that comes to visit here at night,and my little kitty is very scared of him.


  6. One of the curses of having an outdoor cat, is hearing the sound of a fight, and of course there are other curses, but some blessings as well… No kitty litter boxes..


  7. Your best strategy is a hosepipe, Denise. Awful things, cat fights.
    I once had to separate two warring dogs by grabbing their tails and pulling
    them apart. My son-in-law took his dog’s tail and I mine.
    Well done, and not a little brave, to intervene.


    • It would have taken too long though, John. I had nothing at hand to throw either, but my voice did the trick together with hard hand-clapping, thank goodness!


      • I’ll remember that, Denise. For my dog I use a tsch – tsch – tsch noise, mimicking the rattle of peas in a tin can, which always gets attention!
        Have a good day.


  8. A cat fight is great to watch


  9. That noise they make just before they launch into one another is so bizarre – like a crying human baby. You are brave to intervene!


    • Yes, Bb, I think so too. I have heard the sound described as ‘meuling or mewling’ and it does sound like a baby. Not so brave, I was about a foot away and luckily they listened! I can’t imaging they would turn on a person unless one was stupid enough to reach in and try physically to separate them!


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