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He shines his light

Upon my life

Upon the vortex of my soul

And takes control

Calming the storm

Keeping me from harm

As I navigate my path

Through hazardous topography

And treacherous geography

Lifting me from nothingness

Filling all my emptiness



©DGA 27 March 2012 08:04




Evil rides abroad at night

Cloaked in clouds that hide the light,

Looking for a fertile bed

Upon which to rest his head;

His evil thoughts in dreams are spread,

Filling us with utmost dread.


Evil prowls the minds of men,

Seeking foothold to craft his den.

He plants his seed where e’er he goes,

Finding places well disposed –

And they’re aplenty, heaven knows –

Offering space for his repose.


Oh God in Heaven help us to see

When all is not as it purports to be,

To recognise evil’s distorted face;

Bless us with Your holy grace

That none is misled by his carapace

In traversing life’s obstacle race.


©DGA 21 March 2012 11:24


In the Rough


The ground has shifted

And I am in the rough

My aim is the same

Approach from a different direction

Altered by an added perception

An introspection

I am bogged down by magma

Surrounded by lava

Inspiration has become perspiration

And I can no longer fly

My bird’s eye view

Is now that of a centipede

My steed is a millipede

As I crawl along

Without a song

The rough patch a sticky stretch

To overcome

And stun and numb


©DGA 08 March 2012 06:20