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Love is so Confusticating


I want a recipe for love

To help me to know

Is it love or is it lust

That makes my heart glow.

Why does my heart beat fast

When you’re near?

Is it an illusion or truth?

Can it be wound up tight

Fit to burst with the strain

And the pain?

I need to decide:

Infatuation or fascination

That makes me fly

When the wind at my back

Lifts me high in the sky?


©DGA 03 December 2011 06:55


Wishing the Time Away

Wishing the Time Away

I never thought I would deteriorate
To living from meal to meal,
Growing to reflect just what I ate
By just wishing the time away.

Wednesday will see me back on my legs
And using the muscles that slept,
Standing again on my own two feet
And taking some tentative steps.

Recovery is on my horizon at last,
Exercise will fill my day,
Time will grow wings and take to the sky
No more wishing the time away…

©DGA 31 July 2011 10:42


Flight of Fancy

Flight of Fancy

Oh how I want to fly
On the wings of a butterfly!
To soar among the clouds
Like an eagle in the sky.

Oh how my spirit longs
For space to breathe the air,
Freedom to spread my wings
And strength to persevere.

To be at one with nature
And leave the world behind,
Forgetting the race to riches
With all its narrow confines.




I Used to Dream

I Used to Dream

I used to dream that I could fly
In the air, without a care.
I’d twist and twirl away up high
And drift and sway from side to side
Like a feather in the sky.

Not like a bird that beats its wings
And needs the wind to raise it up
And rides the currents of the air,
But tirelessly and joyfully
To worship my Creator.

I saw the warm colours of the earth
Spread out beneath me far and wide
While I was in God’s blue, blue sky
Adrift and free, safe as could be
And basking in His glory.

Picture: From an email