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Happy Birthday


Wish I were there to celebrate your birth

The planets however do not concur

As we were made to recognise last year

So I’ll be with you in spirit if not in deed

Little brother who keeps me sane

Who helps me recognise my need

And comforts me when I’m in pain

Perhaps next year we can travel together

And holiday whatever the weather

But ‘til then I’ll drink a toast

To health and wealth and affinity

For all in this world we value most


©DGA 30 August 2011 10:36


My Soul


My soul is dancing in the moonlight

Among the stars in the dark of night,

Formless, weightless,

Nebulous, diaphanous

And bursting with happiness.

While we celebrate God in His mystery,

His love incomparable,

His tenderness without parallel,

Our adoration, our veneration

Is limitless, infinite and ceaseless.

©DGA 28 August 2011 18:20



Spring is on its merry way,

Buds will bloom another day,

Clusters spread along the vine,

We would share a flask of wine.


Sitting in the lukewarm sun,

Remembering when we were one,

I think back to where we were,

Wonder where our paths diverged.


I am here and you are there,

It was all too much to bear,

Death denies a second chance,

We were lucky to have it once.


©DGA 27 August 2011 09:42


Party Dresses

Party Dresses


martie an’ me we was so axcited. our school was having a party on friday night for its tenth birthday. mit* rock ‘n roll musiek an’ als**.

my ma said she would sew our dresses. she had some lef’ overs from the curtains and she would buy a small piece of silver cloth she saw at yusuf’s shop.

the dresses was a secret and martie and me, we wasn’t s’posed to see. my ma sewed every chance she got.

well on friday after school martie’s ma came to our house to help martie and me get ready for the party. even the neighbours came to see how we looked. we was so proud.

my ma had made both dresses the same. she had cut out stars and bells out of the silver cloth an’ stuck them on the skirts. martie had the stars and i had the bells.

so martie was the star of the party an’ i was the bell of the ball!


*mit = with
**als, alles = all

©DGA 24 August 2011 10:53





i wen’ home mit* my fren’, martie,

acos** there’s nutting for me since pa lef’ an’ ma goes to work now.

martie’s ma gave us tea an’ thick slices of bread an’ jam

then we done ours homework and then we wen’ outside to play.

today we played hopscotch.

when i lef’ to go home, martie’s ma asked if martie can come to my house

tomorrow after school, acos it’s friday.

i said yes acos i seen the look in her oupa’s*** eye,

an’ my ma had tol’ me ‘bout fridays, an’ men, an’ brannawyn****,

so from then on we always wen’ to my house after school on fridays like.


*mit = with
**acos = because
***oupa = grandpa
****brannawyn, brandewyn = brandy

©DGA 23 August 2011 02:26





she licks her icecream cone

drip, drip, it runs down her hand

to her wrist

he watches from some way off

lick, lick, tilting her arm

so her tongue can reach

the running dribble of sweetness

the icecream drops down

towards the ground

then he swoops, hand at the ready

catches his prize

and scoops the ball

into his wide open mouth


©DGA 22 August 2011 11:43


>Proposed Serengeti Road Canceled!

Serengeti Migration

I came across this article, dated 24.06.2011, today.

Proposed Serengeti Road Canceled!

In a huge victory to conservation, tourism and one of the greatest migrations on earth, the Tanzanian government has announced they will not be building the controversial road through Serengeti National Park. Back in April I wrote this blog post detailing the negative effects this road would have on this ecosystem. It looks like, at least for now, the wildlife in this beautiful National Park can continue to follow their traditional migrations through the landscape in search of fertile grasslands.

The new plans for the road have a paved road leading up the Park boundaries. The road within the park will remain gravel and will only be used for tourism and administrative activities, not as a thoroughfare for high volumes of traffic. As of right now the Tanzanian government is looking into a southern route around the park that would give rural communities with the much needed access to goods and services in the area.

For more information check out this link:

Megan Brown
Defenders of wildlife